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MaxLock is an Xposed module to protect your apps with a lockscreen.
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Xposed mod that customizes the look and feel of the Google Play Music application and adds a few extra tweaks.
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Xposed mod that adds a track selector to MediaStyle and other music notifications on Android 5.0 which either support its custom API or the official MediaSession API with queue and controls. Currently supported are Google Play Music and Timber.
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Android app for Home Assistant

Native Android user interface for the Home Assistant home automation software.
Currently unofficial, until the project gains enough traction and proofs commitment.
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Android app and linux-pam module which allows you to unlock your PC with your phone's fingerprint reader, using a challenge response verification system with an ECDSA keypair, and Google Firebase Realtime-databases for message transfer.
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hellsCode is a kernel and system mod that enables unlocking via knock code on the LG Nexus 4
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Android N-ify

Xposed mod that backports features from Android Nougat to Android Lollipop and Marshmallow!

Contributions: Direct reply, Google Assistant, Partial screenshot, bugfixes, build server and issue management

Main authors: MrWasdennnoch and paphonb

Download from Jenkins CIVisit GitHub page

Always On AMOLED

App which makes your device show the time & more when the screen is "off", just like the Galaxy S7!

Contributions: Pocket mode, bug fixes, etc.

Main author: Tomer Rosenfeld

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I also helped translating quite a few third-party apps to German, here are all I remember:

  • Always On AMOLED
  • Android N-ify
  • hellsCore Kernel Manager
  • MultiROM Manager
  • XDA-Labs

About Maxr1998

I am Max Rumpf, an 18-year old Android developer acting under the pseudonyme Maxr1998. I am Recognized Developer on, as I create apps and mods for power users, who want to get the most out of their devices. View a list of my projects here.
This website was solely built by me, marking my start into web developing. However, the MaxLock website wasn't built by me, it is a contributed work by my friend Shahmi Saidi known as TechnoSparks; if you're interested in something similar, take a look at his site.
I'm also active on various other sites, check out the links below. (If not blocked by your AdBlock).